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Things I got at the Zine Fair:

Simon had this thing on his table. It’s called “Terry” put out by Fulgencio Pimentel. It’s got some Olivier Schrauwen in, some Jim Woodring, Sammy Harkham and a bunch of other names I don’t recognize. It’s in Spanish probably, but some it’s a super nice looking book with some great drawing.

Jellibat gave me this as she came past the table, she’d made it the day before at the event, which is pretty neat and zinefair hardcore.

New one from Fikaris. Thumbs up.

Got this anthology from Ben Juers. Ben reminds me of David King, in that he draws in a way that’s kind of Old Timey without being Boringly Retro. Or something. Some other neat looking stuff in here too.

Bailey Sharp out zinefair hardcored Jellibat by printing this up that morning. There’s a drawng in here of a Dour Queen Having She Titties Licked that is making me laugh every time I look at it.

Lurid colours and dirty stories from Nicky Minus

Three riso’d zines from Sarah McNeil and Ashley Ronning. Not sure exactly who did what in the first two. Some lovely drawing tho.

Andrew Fulton’s zine fair haul

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